Our mission is to effectively contribute to knowledge creation, dissemination and sharing in the covered fields (business, consumer sciences, quality management, tourism and services), through research and creative exploration, through education and learning, in order to inspire innovative actions able to foster continuous improvements in economy and society.

For this, our full attention is paid to training students to standards comparable with other European institutions, to the ongoing process of learning and change, in a suitable infrastructure and with well trained human resources, given that, in the future, universities will be characterized by:

  • Deep functional expertise, both in terms of specific types of higher education programs and of scientific research-development and innovation projects;
  • Flexible and efficient organizational models, appropriate to the interaction with the changing society, and intra-sectoral competition at national, international or global levels;
  • Entrepreneurial spiritin promoting the offer of programs and services to society and to the beneficiaries within the private sector, in developing educational, cultural and research projects and other categories of services, in order to attract additional resources for sustainable development;
  • Systematic communicationwith potential beneficiaries and partners, based on transparency and ethics in the information dissemination towards interested stakeholders;
  • Performant institutional governance, which effectively combines the advantages of professional management with the academic authonomy and the traditional freedom of choices, within the framework of an ethical conduct and high quality outputs of education and research, along with a public assumed responsibility for the efficient use of resources, mobilized through public and/or private financing.