The Faculty of Business and Tourism is engaged in a continuous effort to meet the highest academic requirements and professionalism, especially for reaching prestigious scientific performance, recognized nationally and internationally.

In order to strengthen our national leadership in business administration in trade, tourism, services, commodity sciences and quality management, our priority is to increase the faculty’s teaching and scientific reputation, by further improving the  levels of both courses and seminars, of our educational materials, as well as by integrating effective methodologies and modern international theories and practices to enhance the faculty’s role in training the future specialists.

We believe that by increasing our academic requirements together with adequate flexibility in content and form of teaching, continuing education and a proper student assessment, scientific research in specialized and interdisciplinary approaches, we will help preparing young people to find their own path in both professional and personal lives.

We have a teaching staff that is well trained and passionate for educational activity and never the less an investment program to ensuring appropriate framework for teaching and research, through suitable hardware, software and other materials. Through intense national and international exchanges of experience, scholarships, mobility programs etc. (especially for students and young teachers), always encouraged and supported financially and morally, we are aiming to enrich our scientific research and the content of present and future disciplines.

The Faculty of Business and Tourism is offering a modern educational curricula, adjusted to the European Union higher education’s requirements, in the field of Business Administration, preserving in the mean time the ongoing national tradition. Interdisciplinary approaches are aiming to be connected to that of the major economic schools of commerce, commodities and quality management, tourism and services, both in the E.U. and worldwide.