Şcoala doctorală Administrarea Afacerilor engleză, franceză, germană, romana)

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Consiliul Școlii Doctorale – Administrarea Afacerilor

Prof. univ. dr. Marieta OLARU Director
Prof. univ. dr. Sorin DIMITRIU Membru
Prof. univ. dr. Emilian DOBRESCU Membru
Prof. univ. dr. Maria IONCICA Membru
Prof. univ. dr. Carmen PAUNESCU Membru
Student-doctorand Robert BUMBAC Membru
Student-doctorand Antoniu Ovidiu BALINT Membru

Membrii Școlii Doctorale

Nr. crt.
Nume Email
Bob Constantin constantin.bob@com.ase.ro
Brătianu Constantin cbratianu@yahoo.com
Costea Carmen-Eugenia cecostea@yahoo.com
Ioncică Maria maria.ioncica@com.ase.ro
Nistoreanu Puiu puiu.nistoreanu@com.ase.ro
Olaru Marieta  olaru.marieta@com.ase.ro
Onete Cristian Bogdan cristian.onete@com.ase.ro
Pamfilie Rodica rodica.pamfilie@com.ase.ro
Păunescu Carmen Monica carmen.paunescu@fabiz.ase.ro
Pleşea Doru pleseadoru@gmail.com
Sârbu Roxana sarbu.roxana@com.ase.ro
Stănciulescu Gabriela gabriela_stanciulescu@yahoo.com
Tanţău Adrian atantau@fabiz.ase.ro
Ţigu Gabriela gabriela.tigu@com.ase.ro


For Non-EU citizens

Admission and registration procedure 15th September- 15th October
The acceptance letters are issued by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific research and forwarded by the International Student Office of the applicants.
Upon receipt of the acceptance letter, the applicants will be required to confirm their place by paying the tuition fee for the first year of studies (2250 Eur) within three weeks from the receipt of the letter.
Upon arrival in Romania, you are invited to register with the university. To register, newly admitted students must present their original application documents along with a certified translation of their documents into Romanian.
Registration fee: 250 euros

Tuition fees

EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens study under the same conditions as Romanian students (studies financed by the state budget or with tuition fee approx 800 Eur/year)
Non-EU citizens: 2250 Eur/year
Estimated cost of living in Bucharest: 500 euro/month

Admissions requirements

Academic requirements: high-school graduation diploma (Baccalaureate) or equivalent from an accredited institution.
Language requirements: minimum B2 level of proficiency for the language of instruction at ASE (English/French/German/Romanian). For the applicants who don’t have an international certification or who are not native speakers of the language of study, the admission will be conditional, upon completion of a language test in ASE.
Application file: (documents: certified/authorized translations into English or Romanian)
Application period: 15th April – 15th August
Application form
High-school graduation diploma or equivalent and transcripts of records for the high school years
Birth certificate
Marriage certificate (if applicable)
Passport copy
Medical certificate stating that the applicant is fit for university studies

Visa requirements

Depending on the country of citizenship, a foreign student may enter the Romanian territory by using one of the following options: EU/EEA/SWISS identity card; passport; study visa.
Complete information is available on the website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://mae.ro/en/node/2035 

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Also find out about the masters program

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